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Weston Park Cello Music


by James Cervetto, Carlo Ferrari, Felice Giardini and others from the Weston Park Music collection.



Henrik Persson and Jonathan Rees - cello
Martin Perkins - Harpsichord

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Odes, Songs, Sonatas, &c.

Music by Barnabas Gunn, John Pixell, Jeremiah Clark, Joseph Harris & Richard Mudge.

Martin Perkins - director
Louise Wayman - soprano

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Our debut CD features music from 18th century composers active in the Midlands, most of it recorded for the first time. 

Track Listing and audio extracts:
1. Joseph Harris (1744-1814): Invocation
2. John Pixell (1725-1784): An Invitation to the Red-Breast
3-7. Barnabas Gunn (d.1753): Solo for violin and continuo
8. Harris: Gentle air, thou breath of lovers
9. Pixell: An Ode by Anacreon
10-13. Gunn: Solo for flute and continuo
14. Jeremiah Clark (1743-1809): To Myra
15. Richard Mudge (1718-1763): Non Nobis Domine
16. Pixell: Psalm 23rd Versified by Mr. Addison
17. Pixell: An Hymn to the Supreme Being.
18. Pixell: Thou' in the paths of death I tread
19. Gunn: An Occasional Ballad
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